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By Tracy C. Sullivan, DDS
March 16, 2022
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When you have a large family, ensuring that each member gets proper dental care each year can be complicated. The best thing to do is choose one dentist who can treat the whole family—that includes young toddlers and seasoned seniors. Having one dentist will make it much easier for you to keep up with regular checkups for everyone so that your family can maintain a legacy of good dental hygiene. You’ll find a trusted, reliable family dentist with Dr. Peter Grieser and Dr. Tracy Sullivan at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA.

Regular Dental Visits for the Whole Family

The American Dental Association recommends twice-yearly dental appointments for professional cleanings and checkups. When you have a large family, it’s best to schedule those appointments around the same time and at the same place. Pick months that will likely be most convenient for your schedule and that of your children. For instance, the summertime is usually a good time for kids, and the few weeks before the holidays may also be most convenient.

What Your Family Dentist Can Do

A family dentist can offer you more than just clean teeth. Besides professional cleanings, here are a few other treatments available:

- Crowns, veneers, and inlays for restorative and cosmetic improvements.

- Root canal treatments for cavities.

- Fluoride treatment.

-And more!

Benefits of One Dentist

It’s a blessing to have one dentist that you can trust for all of your family's dental needs. Here are a few specific benefits to think about:

- Your children have a better chance of becoming comfortable with going to the dentist, as they get familiar with one provider over the years.

- In some cases, you can schedule joint or family appointments.

- After just one call, you can get everyone scheduled in for bi-yearly visits.

Your "One and Only" Dentist

Dr. Grieser and Dr. Sullivan at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA, is a family dentist who is committed to caring for the entire family. Find out why you should choose them to be your “one and only.” Call (360) 895-4321 today to schedule an appointment.

By Tracy C. Sullivan, DDS
November 22, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but it often feels like there is much to do before the baby comes. If you reside in Port Orchard, WA, and need a family dentist, then speak to Dr. Peter Grieser and Dr. Tracy Sullivan at Family Dental Associates about your checkup to discuss how pregnancy affects your oral health.

Hormones and Oral Health

Women have hormonal changes throughout their lifespan, and this may affect their oral health in some way. Pregnancy often feels like a hormonal overload. As a result of hormonal changes, there is an increased chance of gum disease and periodontal disease occurring in pregnancy. These infections or inflammations resulting from bacteria in the tissue surrounding the teeth need to be treated, as they may contribute to the possibility of an earlier birth if allowed to progress into periodontitis.

Another factor to consider is a change in eating habits during pregnancy, which may lead to the possibility of extra cavities. A change in eating habits may result from changes in hormones or morning sickness in the first trimester. Vomiting creates a more acidic environment in the mouth which is advantageous for bacterial growth.

Expectant mothers are advised to maintain oral health by keeping up with brushing twice a day and flossing. It may be a good idea to add gargling, a mouth wash, or warm salty water to your routine. If you have concerns or queries about your oral health routine, then consult Dr. Grieser or Dr. Sullivan, serving the area of Port Orchard, WA as a family dentist.

Dental Treatments and Pregnancy

It is a commonly held belief that women should not have dental treatments during pregnancy, and this is incorrect. Many safe oral health procedures are available to you during pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimester, including a preventative oral health checkup to evaluate whether you have gum disease or cavities present in your mouth that may need treatment.

Important: It is crucial to notify your healthcare provider of your pregnancy before the commencement of any consultation!

Family Dental Associates serving Port Orchard, WA, have a family dentist that can address any questions you may have about how pregnancy affects your oral health. Make an appointment with Dr. Grieser or Dr. Sullivan by calling (360) 895-4321 today.

By Family Dental Associates
April 25, 2018
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Some families choose to go to separate dentists who specialize in different oral care needs. But it’s much easier and more convenient tofamily dentistry choose one dentist who can serve everyone in your family, from the youngest to the most seasoned adults. You can find that provider at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA.

Your Family’s Dental Care
Children have to learn from a young age how important it is to see a dentist on a regular basis. One of the best ways to reassure them is to make it a habit to take them to the same dentist each year, that way they have a chance to get familiar with someone who provides gentle, quality care. Instead of only going to the dentist when there is a problem, go when everything is fine as well. Your family dentist can also help consult the teens and adults in your family about beneficial cosmetic and restorative treatments.

One Dentist for Everyone
Your Port Orchard, WA dentist is also committed to staying abreast of the latest innovations in dentistry that can make treatments easier, faster, and more effective. Having one dentist for the whole family ensures that everyone in your household has access to the same quality care.

Dental Treatments for Your Family
The type of dental treatment you need will depend on the age and stage of each family member in your household. For instance, adults over 30 should be mindful of periodontal disease and may require periodontal therapy. Children who develop cavities often can benefit from preventative fluoride treatments and sealants. A priority for seniors is maintaining their chewing function, which may call for denture devices or implants. A family dentist at Family Dental Associates can meet all of these needs and more.

Your Family’s Dentist
You’ll feel more relaxed knowing that you and your family members all have a reliable dentist to call for all of your oral care needs. Contact Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA at 360-895-4321 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Grieser, Dr. Tracy Sullivan, or Dr. Kevin Yoder.

By Family Dental Associates
March 04, 2016
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The importance of seeing your dentist regularly is a well-known fact. However, that task becomes slightly more difficult when your children are involved. This is where the importance of having a family dentist you trust comes into play. Luckily, your Port Orchard, WA family dentist at Family Dental Associates is here to answer any questions you have.Family Dentist

While general and family dentists are essentially the same, there are some differences. Some dentists restrict their clientele to teens and adults while some restrict it to only children. Family dentists see patients of all ages. There are many benefits to finding a dentist willing to see your entire family, from age 2 to 102.

The Importance of Having A Family Dentist

  • Comfort: Parents often consider the care of their children paramount to their own. Family dentistry revolves around the care of all ages, meaning your children will feel at ease knowing their dentist is the same as Mommy’s or Daddy’s.
  • Convenience: For a busy family, having a family dentist eases the burden of keeping up with several dentists’ records and appointments. If everyone in the family goes to the same dentist, appointments can be scheduled together, saving you a trip. Additionally, questions may be directed at one practice rather than several.
  • Consistency: If one dentist sees everyone in your family, there is no question as to how your appointment will go. Additionally, every member of your family visits the same office, eliminating complications and confusion.

How can my family keep their teeth clean between appointments? 
Both adults and children should brush twice daily and floss at least once. It is important to instill these crucial steps in your child’s oral health routine early. Make brushing fun for kids by singing a song or making a game out of it. Singing toothbrushes which play music for the length of time a child should brush helps you determine if your child has brushed adequately. However, the best resource you have in your oral health arsenal is your dentist. Everyone in your family should see your Port Orchard family dentist at least twice a year.

For more information on family dentistry, please contact your dentist at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA. Call (360)895-4321 to speak with an associate about scheduling a regular examination or teeth cleaning for you and your family today!

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