At what age should my child first be seen?

Unless there are obvious problems that generate an earlier visit,

your child's first visit should be as soon as all

of the primary teeth are present, usually age 2 to 3.


How often and when should I floss?

You should floss at least once a day at night time,

before you brush. If you do not floss between the teeth and

under the gumline where the toothbrush cannot reach,

you are missing 35% of every tooth.


Are x-rays really necessary?

Yes, x-rays are the only way that we have to

evaluate the condition of the roots, the bone around

the teeth and the areas between the teeth. We are very

conservative and only take needed x-rays.


Should a missing or extracted tooth be replaced?

Yes, it should be replaced in order to restore the smile,

maintain complete chewing ability and prevent other teeth

from shifting and causing further problems.


How is a missing tooth replaced?

There are three typical ways to replace teeth. A dental

implant essentially replaces a missing tooth with a tooth, a

fixed bridge uses the teeth on each side of the space to

support the new tooth and a removable partial denture will

replace one or more teeth with a metal and plastic

appliance that clips to the remaining teeth.


What is a crown or cap?

A crown can be made of plastic, metal, porcelain

or a combination. It covers a broken or weak tooth

in order to restore its form and function.


What is periodontal disease?

Also known as gum disease, it is the leading cause

of tooth loss in adults. Symptoms often go unnoticed until

much of the bone support is lost. Patients should watch for

bleeding, swollen and tender gums; and/or persistent

bad breath.


What are sealants and why are they recommended?

They are thin, plastic coatings painted on the chewing

surfaces of the back teeth. It fills the grooves of these

teeth sealing out bacteria that causes decay, reducing the

risk of cavities.


Can my teeth be bleached whiter?

Individual response to bleaching is variable. It depends

on the cause and severity of the discoloration. It is

important that a safe bleaching product be used.

In most cases you will be given a bleaching tray to wear

at home. The whitening agent is stronger and safer

than many of the over the counter store products.


Should I be concerned about the use of amalgam and/or fluoride?

There has been much publicity about both of these

materials. The short answer is that both are safe and

effective. Most of the concern that has developed has

been from fear and confusion from misinformation. Your

doctor can give you more information upon request.


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