Nitrous Oxide Makes Your Dental Visit Giggly and Easy!

Sedation DentistryIf you’re like most people, you may be nervous about visiting the dentist. Many dental patients cite fear of pain and anxiety about procedures as the most common reasons for avoiding dental visits. But your Port Orchard family dentists have just the solution to help your dental visits be stress-free and comfortable. Nitrous oxide may offer the best solution to calm dental fears and anxieties during much-needed procedures.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide, commonly known to many people as laughing gas, is a colorless and odorless gas that can be used to help sedate Port Orchard dental patients during procedures. It is a gas that you can breathe in, often used in the best family dentist offices but is also a tool available to women in some hospitals to relieve the pain of childbirth. It is delivered through a mask that can be easily be removed.

What does the gas do?

Nitrous Oxide helps to relieve pain, but it also produces a mild euphoric effect. Some people may describe it as a happy high which often produces some giggling, hence the name “laughing gas.” It can also dull the senses so patients do not feel anxious or fearful during dental procedures.

What does it Feel Like?

Port Orchard dental patients opting for nitrous oxide often feel a warm sensation in their body. Others may feel a sensation of floating. Patients can also feel mild tingling in the arms and lengths or may feel a bit sleepy.

What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Nitrous oxide is delivered and works very quickly. Patients begin to feel relief from pain within minutes of applying the mask. Port Orchard dentist can easily and quickly adjust the level of gas being delivered to the patient.

The effects of the gas wear off in minutes as opposed to intravenous sedation which takes much longer to wear off. This type of inhalation dentistry is considered very safe and effective with very few known side effects. It can be an ideal solution for patients who experience dental anxiety.

If you’ve been avoiding the family dentist because you don’t like needles or are bothered by the sound of drills, talk to your dentist about nitrous oxide. Family Dental Associates, your best Port Orchard family dentist, offers inhalation sedation to keep you calm and comfortable during procedures. Don’t wait to take care of your oral health needs. Call today to schedule your visit.

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