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By Tracy C. Sullivan, DDS
June 19, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Improve your oral care routine to help you get a whiter smile.

You love coffee. Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t exactly love your teeth. Teeth are made up of incredibly tough material known as enamel. Enamel is also porous. Think about all the cups of coffee you consume in a week and you’ll get an idea of just how dull and yellow your teeth can become over the years. The good news is that our Port Orchard, WA, dentists Dr. Peter Grieser, Dr. Tracy Sullivan and Dr. Kevin Yoder have ways to help people keep their pearly whites their whitest.

Improve Your Oral Hygiene

If you sometimes skip out on flossing before going to bed or you don’t often brush your teeth in the morning before heading to work then these missteps in caring for your smile can leave you with dull, yellowing teeth. Everyone from children to seniors should brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily.

Watch What You Eat

There are many foods and drinks that can cause yellowing teeth over time. While avoiding all dark foods and drinks is nearly impossible you should definitely limit foods and drinks such as,

  • Sports drinks
  • Sodas
  • Coffee and black tea
  • Wine
  • Berries
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soy sauce and other dark condiments

Use Proper Dental Tools

The tools you use to clean your teeth can also make a world a difference when it comes to removing stains and preventing new stains. For example, if you find it difficult to reach certain areas of your teeth with a traditional manual toothbrush then you may want to consider replacing it with an electric toothbrush, which also provides the perfect amount of pressure on teeth to scrub away food particles, bacteria and plaque, which can stain teeth if left behind.

You may also want to consider a whitening toothpaste, which contains active ingredients that can impart subtle improvements on the overall color and brightness of your smile. A whitening toothpaste can also be a great way to prevent stains.

If you still aren’t seeing results after improving your dental routine and trying at-home whitening treatment then it may be time to consider talking with our dentists here in Port Orchard, WA, about getting cosmetic dentistry. To schedule a consultation call Family Dental Associates at (360) 895-4321.

By Tracy C. Sullivan, DDS
August 22, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Bonding  

You can see an improvement in your smile when you go to the dentist for a bonding treatment. It’s a great option to fix minor imperfections. bondingIt also gives you results more quickly. It’s a treatment option you can talk about with Dr. Peter Grieser, Dr. Tracy Sullivan, or Dr. Kevin Yoder at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA.

What Is Dental Bonding?
Dental bonding is the process of shoring up broken or gapped areas of your smile with a bonding agent. The white composite material that your Port Orchard, WA, dentist uses to fill a cavity is the same material that can be used for bonding. The material is placed onto the surface of your existing tooth in layers, then cured and hardened. It can be smoothed and polished so that it looks like your other teeth in shape and texture.

How Bonding Improves Your Smile
Dental bonding adds fullness to your smile and protects your teeth. It fills in small gaps around your front teeth and replaces chips around the edges. When a cracked tooth is bonded, it prevents further cracking and protects the tooth from decay. Dental bonding is sometimes used after other cosmetic treatments, like braces, to help ensure that the teeth remain properly spaced.

The Dental Bonding Procedure
You will not have to spend much time at Family Dental Associates for a bonding treatment and you don’t have to worry about feeling any discomfort. First the teeth are color matched with the composite resin that will be used for the treatment. After that, the tooth is pre-treated so that it can accept and hold the bonding agents. Next, the materials are applied carefully and solidified with a curing light. When the bonding process is complete, the dentist will use a special tool to contour and polish the tooth.

Call for a Cosmetic Consultation
You may have assumed that you need major cosmetic work to improve your smile, but you might benefit from a simple dental bonding procedure. Call 360-895-4321 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Grieser, Dr. Sullivan, or Dr. Yoder at Family Dental Associates serving patients in Port Orchard, WA.

By Tracy C. Sullivan, DDS
July 24, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Cosmetic Dentistry  

How cosmetic dentistry services from your dentists in Port Orchard, WA, can enhance your smile

Have you discovered the magic of cosmetic dentistry? If not, you owe it both to yourself and your smile to find out how these treatments cosmetic-dentistrycan completely rejuvenate your look! The only question is, which cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for you? Drs. Peter A. Grieser, Tracy C. Sullivan, and Kevin L. Yoder, your dentists here at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA, offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to give you an outstanding smile—read on to learn more!


Some of our available cosmetic options

There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures for you to consider, including:

Professional teeth whitening, which can turn a dull, uninteresting smile into a smile you will be proud to show off; professional teeth whitening can whiten your smile up to 3 shades, and your dazzling results can last up to 2 years and with an in-office procedure to make trays you can take home and use over and over again.

Dental bonding, which uses tooth-colored material to cover up chips, cracks, tooth wear, and other unsightly dental issues; dental bonding is an easy, painless procedure which typically requires no anesthetic and can often be done in one appointment. It’s the perfect procedure to rejuvenate an aging, damaged smile.

Porcelain veneers, which are thin laminates of porcelain that are permanently cemented on to the front surfaces of your teeth; veneers are a versatile dental treatment which can hide many aesthetic issues with your teeth. Consider porcelain veneers if you want to hide broken tooth structure, fracture lines, cracks, chips, tooth wear, and discolorations.

Dental implants, which are the closest to having your natural teeth; dental implants look and function just like natural teeth. They are firmly embedded in bone, so they will never move around, and you never have to worry about tooth decay again. The implant crown material is also stain-resistant, meaning that your dental implants will stay beautiful for years.


Interested? Give us a call!

To find out more about these and other cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dental services, call the dentists here at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA, at (360) 895-4321!

By Tracy C. Sullivan, DDS
June 05, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Need dental crowns? Offered by Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA, dental crowns are 'caps' that cover the outside of the teethdental-crowns to correct a variety of dental issues. Read on to learn some of the benefits of these dental restorations, and give our Port Orchard office a call to receive treatment from Dr. Peter Grieser, Dr. Tracy Sullivan, or Dr. Kevin Yoder!

1. They can restore decayed teeth. Tooth decay is the destruction of tooth structure. Causes of decay include frequent snacking, bad oral hygiene, and drinking sugary beverages. Dental crowns are used to restore badly decayed teeth during a procedure in which the decayed parts are removed and the crowns are placed over the healthy structure.

2. They can enhance your smile. Due to how porcelain crowns resemble the translucency and luster of natural teeth, these restorations can actually improve the appearance of your smile! Your dentist can choose from over a dozen shades to give you a crown that is better matched to the color of your existing teeth.

3. They can protect your teeth. When teeth are severely damaged by tooth decay, infection, or trauma, they become much weaker. Luckily, dental crowns can protect your weakened or fractured teeth from further damage!

4. They can fix discolored teeth. If you use tobacco products or drink an excess of teeth, your teeth will darken over time. Certain medications such as antihistamines and drugs for high blood pressure can also majorly stain teeth. Crowns can cover your discolored teeth and keep them looking their best for years to come!

5. They can last a lifetime. On average, crowns last between 5 and 15 years. However, with proper care, dental crowns can last a lifetime! To help extend the longevity of your teeth, you should avoid such habits as clenching or grinding your teeth, biting your fingernails, biting hard candy or ice, and using your teeth to open packaging.

If you need dental crowns, call Family Dental Associates at (360) 895-4321 right now to schedule a dental consultation in Port Orchard, WA. Remember, healthy smiles are the happiest smiles!

By Family Dental Associates
May 07, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Crowns and Bridges  

Porcelain dental restorations such as dental crowns and bridges are important to correcting various issues with the smile, such as dental-crownsreplacing and stabilizing damaged teeth. Find out more about dental crowns and bridges and how porcelain restorations can help your smile with Dr. Peter Grieser, Dr. Tracy Sullivan, and Dr. Kevin Yoder at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA.


What is a dental crown?

Normally used in situations which require the stabilization of a damaged tooth, dental crowns cover a tooth on all sides—including the top. The crown fits perfectly onto an existing tooth thanks to a dental laboratory, who handcrafts each restoration based on a clay mold of the patient’s mouth.


What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges replace a missing tooth by spanning the gap between two healthy teeth. Two dental crowns hold a bridge in place, securing it permanently into your smile. Removable bridges use metal clasps to attach to the surrounding teeth.


What is the process for placing a dental crown or bridge?

Since a crown holds a bridge in place, the process for placing both restorations is the same. First, your Port Orchard dentist prepares the tooth or teeth that will receive crowns by shaving off a thin layer of enamel from its top and sides. Then, they take a mold of the mouth, which the laboratory uses to create the restoration itself. Finally, at a second appointment, your dentist places the crown or bridge onto the prepared tooth or teeth. Your dentist may suggest placing a temporary crown on the prepared tooth between your first and second appointments.


Crowns and Bridges in Port Orchard, WA

Crowns and bridges can breathe new life into a damaged, decayed, or gapped smile. The best way to determine if a porcelain restoration is the best option for your smile is by talking with your dentist at an in-office consultation.

For more information on porcelain dental restorations such as crowns and bridges, please contact Dr. Peter Grieser, Dr. Tracy Sullivan, and Dr. Kevin Yoder at Family Dental Associates in Port Orchard, WA. Call (360) 895-4321 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

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